English Newsletter – Pilgerlager 2017

Dear Pilgrims,

Epic Empires 2017 is drawing close and therefore it`s time for our newsletter, to provide you with information about this year`s Pilgrims Camp.


Todays topics are as follows:

  1. Free Player slots
  2. Ticket distribution
  3. Field signs and Livree coats
  4. Charity action „Sponsor a player“
  5. The Fortifications
  6. The construction crew
  7. In-Game Coins
  8. The Sudlerei aka Field Kitchen
  9. Tents
  10. The Gaffeln: Banners and group units

  1. Free player slots

We still have player spaces available in the Pilgrims Camp. So, should you know anybody who would like to join us, but has been reluctant for various reasons, e.g. because they thought it’s already fully booked….

Or because they believe that they don’t have enough or the right costume… or because Drachenfest is already sold out and they still want to go to a big larp…. Tell them about us!

We always welcome new players in the Pilgrims Camp!  If you want to go to Epic Empires but can’t be bothered with cooking and catering for yourself, then we can offer you the option to get fed by “Die Sudlerei “aka Field kitchen ( find out more under topic No.8) We also have a few people who booked but we haven’t received any payments yet. We kindly ask those it may concern to pay the booking fee as quickly as possible as we can only plan and work for the camp if we have the funds. Also, if you have booked a space but are not able to participate anymore, please let us know.


  1. Ticket distribution

Just like last year, we won’t send out tickets by mail. Approximately by the end of July, you will receive a personal link via email instead. With this link you can access your ticket, personalise it and print it out. Please make sure that your email address is up to date and gets checked by you on a regular base before the event.

  1. Field Signs and Livrees

The kit quality at Epic Empires is getting better and better and it`s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate Pilgrims from players that belong to other, medieval-style camps like the Camp of the Crown. We want to make it easier for our opponents to recognize us (and make it easier for them to get into trouble with us) as Pilgrims.

To achieve that, we decided to go for field signs (like modern campaign badges). Therefore we kindly ask you to put the pilgrims coat of arms onto your clothing and maybe even armor. Our coat fo arms is a yellow chalice on blue background, ideally in a size of 10x15cm. We`ll try to provide some badges, but we can`t promise anything there, as our budget is very tight this year.

Everybody who wants to take it tot ehe next level, can sew a livree: a waist-long, tabbard, maybe with the chalice on it? The Premier league would be the chalice in a quatrefoil ( example ). So, be creative and go nuts! We`re looking forward to it!

  1. Promotion „Sponsor a Player“ and „The Chathedral Chapter Guard“

Epic Empires is lacking in some aspects, mainly in getting new players to attend, meaning fresh blood. The minimum kit standard is seen (from the outside) as so high that it is hard for interested players to join up, as they fear they aren`t up tot he expected standard. We want to change that perception and get new, motivated players into the Pilgrims Camp!

Our idea: Up to 10 new players (criteria: new in larp, no „matching“ kit, never been to Epic Empires before) can contact us and we will provide them with a costume. All of these players will become the Chathedral Chapter Guard (inspired by the Sparrows from Game of Thrones). The players of this guard can join with their already existing characters, will be looked after by the Chathedral Chapter and will be assigned to different institutions of the camp. That means, these players need nothing but a ticket and a place to sleep to join the camp!

You`ll get the right kit and be integrated  in the camp for free.  To be able to provide this kit, we need you, our veterans – and that`s where sponsorship gets relevant.

Our budget is tighter that usual (less registered players means less money, but we have our fixed costs to pay), which means we can`t finance the kits ourselves. That`s why we`d be very grateful if veteran pilgrims would be willing to shoulder the costs (fabrics etc) for one or more of these kits. Costs per set will be about 30€ each.

We will be able to re-use these kits in the coming years, as the kits will pe part of our camp`s own equipment. If you`re interested in becoming a sponsor, please send us an email to info@pilgerlager.de  until the 30th of June. We really hope this project becomes a success.

  1. Our Fortifications

We will move our gate/dortification this year, so external players can differentiate our camp from the city and to improve our „playground“ for attackers as well as for pilgrims to hang out at the gate. This will include a „guardroom“and the Sudlerei oft he Lord of Eichenau.

  1. The construction crew

As usual, before the Epic Empire starts, we have to set up the camp. This work is being done by our construction crew, consisting of up to 30 people, who arrive early for this. We already have some people joining up (the usual suspects) but there is always room for people wanting to try it and help making the camp as pretty as it is. Mome improvement experience is appreciated but not required. Usually, you learn useful new skills setting up the camp. Construction crew doesn`t mean you have tob e hulk-like muscle monster, you just have to be willing to work.

Arrival fort he construction crew is possible starting the 5th of August and we`re asking crew members to arrive as early as possible, so we can get as much work done as possible. Latest arrival fort he cnstruction crew ist he 7th of August. Players that are not part oft he construction crew are allowed to arrive on the 9th of August.

What are we up to this year?

We`ll have to set up our existing camp decoration, the market plattform, the defense posts and the camp entrance, and the interior oft he chapel. In addition tot hat, we will improve our camp`s defence, but not concerning efficiency but instead following the credo „make our defense pretty!“. The defence plattforms get new walls, we will build new Bulwarks, that can be used and set up as necessary and we will probably build tables and benches for the guardroom. Also, we`ll probably have to do some maintenance work on existing equipment.

When the day`s work is done, there`s always time to have a beer and provisions will be organized together, so nobody has to worry about going hungry.

But we need YOU to make it all happen. So, if you are unsure if you would be the right one fort he crew, you probably are. So, get in touch with us, usually, people become kind of addicted to it.

Unfortunately, our camp doesn`t have ist own, fully-equipped workshop. So if you should decide to join the construction team, we kindly ask you to bring your own tools, if you have any. Mostly, wee need basic powered tools like saws, drills, planing tools etc. If you have any tools which you`re not sure of, if we need them, please ask via email.

As we need to plan (and have to inform the Epic Empires organizers, who`s going to arrive early, we need to know as soon as possible, who`s going to join the team. So please, if you decide to be a part of his effort, let us know until the 27th of June via email at info@pilgerlager.de

  1. Coins

Let’s talk about In-game money. Cheap larp coins often look like it and nice larp coins can get really expensive. Epic Empires doesn’t provide In-game currency and as a camp we can’t afford to provide In-game currency for our players as we spend all the money on a nicer setting and more impressive fortifications.

So we thought long and hard about In-game currency and the need and use for it.

In the past we provided In-game coins for players, but most larp system (EE included) don’t have a functioning economy and In-game money that is given to players usually stays in their pockets and rarely reappears in the game. We’d rather spend the money that we would need to buy coins on other projects that provide more In-game value and fun than money.

That’s why we decided this year not to buy and hand out any In-game money. Instead we ask you for a voluntary donation of 5 Larp coins from every player. If you are willing to donate more, we are happy with that too, if you don’t have any that’s is not a deal breaker either. This way we can still provide a game that includes handing out mercenary pay and the likes. Let us treat this money as what it really is, a game currency- let it flow, use it to generate game fun.

Please give your donations on Wednesday on your arrival to the camp organisers. Thank you for your trust and understanding.

  1. Field Kitchen aka Sudlerei „Zum Obristen“

Long story short: : Sebastian (the guy who plays Ludwig von Eichenau) creates something new this year – the Sudlerei „Zum Obristen“. It`s meant to be an improvised inn, with a tarp to keep away the sun and offering „take-away food“.

This is what they are offering:
Two types of meals for in-gae currency only:
1. Sudlerei. Stews on the fire. Players can come by, drp some in-game currency in the cash box and get stew.
2. Inn. In addition tot he stews, they want to offer more advanced dishes. That includes stuff you seldom get at event, like meals made in a Dutch Oven.

The kitchen will have a place to sit down right across from the guard room and you can even bring your own food/drink. That means you`ll be eating with the camp instead of just in your groups camp. Aside from that, they`ll offer a „bring your own“ service, which means you can bring your own food and they will heat it up for you. This is especially meant for single players and groups that don`t want to force one of their own to stay in the camp cooking all the time or being forced to bring a complete field kitchen themselves. Another idea ist o offer heated stones during the evenings, so all those people who fell the cold very fast have something to heat up their beds.

About money:
We`d like to keep payment in-game, so everyone has something to spend his money on. Or you can even haggle and negotiate, for example you wahs the kitchen equipment, chop wood or help in the kitchen and you get food for it. But that doens`t mean we don`t need money. If somebody wants to use the offered options (or maybe just support it), can drop some real-world currency in the cash box, aside from the in-game currency. This makes it discrete, nobody else hast o notice and we won`t check if somebody gave so real money and how much.  If you want to, you can also give us some money before or after the event. The Sudlerei won`t make a profit, but they wold like to avoid losing too much money over providing this service. Everybody who comes tot he pilgrims can take them up on their offers.

What they DON`T want to offer:
Bookable catering for players. They will cook what they want to cook when they want to.

If you have any ideas or questions, please contact Sebastian directly at olschok.sebastian@gmail.com.

  1. Tents

As usual, we have to plan camp space distribution, so everyone has room for his tent. We asked for your tent details during the sign-up, but we kindly ask you to check these details if they are correct or if something changed. If anything changed our if you, ideally, decide to provide all the details to the person you named as the contact for your group and he or she forwards the collected details to info@pilgerlager.de

  1. The Gaffeln

After the concept of neighborhood groups aka Gaffeln worked very well last year, we will stay with this concept and try to improve it.

As every group will provide a Gaffelmeister (kind of a combination of alderman and NCO), please decide who`s going to be your Gaffelmeister.

For all of you who don`t know about our concept, we will have details on it on our website www.pilgerlager.de as well as on our social media channels (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pilgerlager/, Larper.Ning: http://larper.ning.com/group/daspilgerlager).


That`s it for today, thank you for reading. We`re very much looking forward tot his years Epic Empires. If you happen to have any questions, don`t hesitate to send us an email.

Best regards



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